About Our Team

About Bravo 1

Bravo 1 Projects was created to fill a huge area of necessity in the contracting industry.

With the owners coming from a restoration franchise background, both in the headquarters and working in specific franchises as owners,administrative personnel, bookkeepers, and insurance collections staff, a serious lack of transparency, morale, and quality of work had been apparent in both claims collections and bookkeeping, causing business owners stress over financials and time management.

At Bravo 1 we believe transparency, honest communication, and treating our client’s books and claims with a proactive approach is not only best business practices for customer satisfaction, but keeps our client’s businesses running like a well-oiled machine in the back-end, so they can focus on running the front end to achieve their own goals of the business.

We Deliver This In Several Ways

Xactimate Writing and Insurance Claims Collections:

  • Scope sheets and job profitability upon request
  • Turnaround time of 48 hours once all necessary information is provided
  • CRM program with POC login to view claim status, job documents, all communication summaries, and accountability checklist
  • Bravo 1 AR and status report sent every Friday afternoon showing open claims, settled and received claims for the month and current week
  • Monthly Zoom conferences with assigned claims representative and POC to discuss industry and business trends and job facilitation.



  • Weekly budget projections
  • Monthly account reconciliations
  • Weekly AR (if applicable)
  • Proper QB itemization of items (According to current tax law)
  • Weekly profit and loss with percentages of income
  • 30 day profit and loss with percentage of income
  • Monthly profit and loss with percentages of income
  • Weekly balance sheets
  • Monthly balance sheets
  • Monthly zoom conferences


  • Monthly account reconciliations
  • Proper itemization of items
  • Monthly profit and loss with percentages of income
  • Monthly balance sheets
  • Monthly zoom conferences
  • Monthly AR (if applicable)

If you are interested in having us handle any or all of these services for your business, please do not hesitate to reach out!