Join Our Business Accelerator Program

What Is Our Business Accelerator Program?

Our business accelerator program is designed to empower restoration owners with financial comprehension and freedom. Think of it like a done-for-you, all-in-one bookkeeping and analysis program that which will allow you to make drop-dead simple financial decisions regarding the current and future state of your business. 

Our business accelerator program covers:

  • Insurance collection services at competitive pricing and quick turnaround.
  • Full CRM access
  • Weekly job status reports sent directly to your inbox
  • Full bookkeeping services
  • Monthly or weekly updated company financials
  • Profit and loss statements (with percentages of income)
  • Balance sheets
  • Up-to-date accounts recieveable (if applicable)
  • Bi-weekly budget projections with expense list
  • Monthly meetings with financial analysts to discuss trends, projections, goals, and future courses of actions
  • Tax preparation
  • Access to multiple capital programs for expansion.

If you believe your buiness would benefit from our business accelerator program, don’t delay! Contact us today by clicking the button below!